Category: Video Marketing

TV ad platforms have some catching up to do

marketers- March 13, 2019

Predictions about the future of TV abound – and with good reason. The average American spends early a third of their waking hours watching TV – roughly ... Read More

Twitter’s new tool gives video creators insights to boost engagement

marketers- March 6, 2019

Twitter has launched a publisher insights tool called “Timing Is Everything” that uses historical data to highlight when users are most often watching and engaging ... Read More

Facebook Showcase offers upfront ad buys against premium video content

marketers- February 27, 2019

Facebook introduced Showcase on Tuesday, a new “premium” video advertising program. As part of the launch, the company bundled three of its existing ad products: ... Read More

Youtube and youth advertising: Oversight and transparency for our newest babysitter

marketers- February 27, 2019

In today’s world, consumers are (rightly) pushing for companies to be more thoroughly regulated. Transparency has become increasingly difficult to define and accomplish, especially as ... Read More

Think like a search marketer to drive growth with YouTube

marketers- February 25, 2019

Today’s consumers are constantly moving between channels and devices, and video is becoming an increasingly important part of their journey. In fact, in a study ... Read More

YouTube updates ‘strikes system’ to warn creators first when their content breaks the rules

marketers- February 19, 2019

YouTube is updating the penalty system for creators who break content policies. Starting February 25, creators who violate content rules will first receive a warning ... Read More

Brightcove to buy video ad tech platform Ooyala for $15 million

marketers- February 14, 2019

Brightcove, a video cloud solution for managing, delivering and monetizing video content, announced on Wednesday it is entering an agreement to acquire video ad tech ... Read More

YouTube lets some advertisers buy masthead ads on CPM basis

marketers- February 5, 2019

YouTube is testing a new way for advertisers to purchase masthead ads. The company on Tuesday said it is experimenting with allowing advertisers to purchase the ... Read More

Taptica acquires RhythmOne to bulk up programmatic video ad capabilities, increase focus on CTV

marketers- February 4, 2019

Ad tech provider Taptica announced Monday that it will scoop up cross-channel solutions provider RhythmOne for $176 million, rounding out its programmatic offerings for video ... Read More

Report: YouTube ad revenue jumped 11% in 2018 thanks to repeat advertisers

marketers- February 1, 2019

YouTube saw a 51 percent ad renewal rate among brands in 2018, with an 11 percent increase in revenue year over year, an study by ... Read More