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How To Create Video For Facebook From Text [With Example Videos]

marketers- January 12, 2019

Videos have taken the online world by storm & if you are not creating videos, you are missing out on a lot.Be it Facebook, Twitter, ... Read More

Top Websites Like YouTube To Upload Videos For Extra Video Views

marketers- January 12, 2019

Are you a video blogger or someone who produces videos occasionally? If your answer is yes, this post is going to be highly useful for ... Read More

YouTube launches Stories feature for creators with 10K subscribers

marketers- January 7, 2019

YouTube has launched its own version of Stories, giving creators with 10,000 or more subscribers access to the new content feature. First launched by Snapchat, ... Read More

Facebook missteps highlight what happens when you can’t trust platform metrics

marketers- January 6, 2019

Facebook has a history of miscalculating video ad metrics. In 2016, the company admitted it had been overstating the average duration of a video view ... Read More

Grammarly tops YouTube’s TrueView for Action 2018 leaderboard

marketers- January 6, 2019

YouTube has released the top ten TrueView for Action ads in 2018, with Grammarly’s “Enhance Your Writing” 60-second spot coming in at the top. The ... Read More

Hulu launches new private marketplace for its OTT ad inventory

marketers- January 6, 2019

Hulu is opening up its sought-after video inventory to programmatic buyers with a new private marketplace that will launch Jan. 1.How will inventory be bought ... Read More

Groupon voted top YouTube 6-second bumper ad of the year

marketers- January 6, 2019

A six-second Groupon spot featuring actress Tiffany Haddish was voted the best YouTube bumper ad of 2018.YouTube, in partnership with the Webby Awards, has released ... Read More

YouTube sunsetting call-to-action overlays in favor of new ad extension

marketers- January 6, 2019

Starting in January, YouTube will phase out the call-to-action overlays that have been around since 2009. In its place will come a new ad extension.What’s ... Read More

Facebook expands Ad Breaks to 14 more countries, launches Watch globally on desktop

marketers- January 6, 2019

Facebook announced Thursday it is rolling out Ad Breaks to 14 more markets, bringing the total number of countries with access to the 15-second in-stream ... Read More

YouTube crowns Amazon with top ad, OMD as top media agency of 2018

marketers- January 5, 2019

Amazon made it to the top of YouTube’s year-end ad leaderboard with its “Alexa Loses Her Voice” Super Bowl spot. Posted on YouTube on January ... Read More