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Crawl, walk, run and fly: The 4 stages of scaling website analytics

marketers- January 17, 2019

It can be intimidating to tackle the challenge of big data. While some tech-thinking companies have led the charge toward analytics, metrics and measurement, many ... Read More

Use predictive personalization to drive increased conversion rates

marketers- January 7, 2019

Every day, every month, every quarter, marketers are tasked with a conundrum: create web sites and messages that resonate with target audiences. It’s not a ... Read More

Unlock multi-touch attribution with CRM campaign tracking

marketers- January 7, 2019

Brands with an offline transaction point often struggle to measure the full customer journey from acquisition source through to revenue. Often times, if revenue can ... Read More

PureCars launches an attribution platform just for car dealerships

marketers- January 6, 2019

Buying a car these days often involves extensive online research before visiting a physical dealership.That’s a key reason why attribution has been difficult for auto ... Read More

Did the data-driven era miss an exit?

marketers- January 6, 2019

According to headlines, martech embodies technical sophistication, touting thousands of companies fueled by sumptuous features like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, personalization and more. Yet, a ... Read More

WPP merges agencies to form ‘data-driven’ Wunderman Thompson

marketers- January 6, 2019

Wunderman Global CEO Mel Edwards (left) will take on the same role at the new agency, while J. Walter Thompson CEO Tamara Ingram (right), will ... Read More

AdStage launches Join to automatically unify campaign, analytics, sales data in one dashboard

marketers- January 6, 2019

Source: AdStage. An example of leads data available in AdStage Join.Does this scenario sound familiar? Marketing rejoices in all the leads it sent to sales. ... Read More

Back to basics: Measuring your social media efforts with unique acquisition channels

marketers- January 6, 2019

Most organizations are spending a considerable amount of money and resources on their social media marketing efforts. These efforts generally take the form of three ... Read More

What’s a CDP? Does your company need one?

marketers- January 6, 2019

Gartner predicts that the average US adult will own more than six smart devices by 2020, making cross-device IDs and identity resolution — the ability ... Read More

Ask an SMXpert: New approaches in customization can build better analytics reports

marketers- January 5, 2019

  Data-driven digital marketing expert and senior director of digital intelligence at Wpromote, Simon Poulton, was one of the SMX East speakers during the “Making ... Read More