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Back to Basics: How every marketer can tame the analytics beast

marketers- March 15, 2019

For most marketers, analytics exists in a magic Pandora’s box, encompassing everything from CPCs to CTRs, from algorithms to artificial intelligence, from machine learning to ... Read More

Marketing analytics buyer’s guide for 2019

marketers- March 8, 2019

Cardinal Path’s Marketing Analytics Buyer’s Guide 2019 arose from a need to address a growing uncertainty about which digital tools, techniques, and applications will best ... Read More

The new age of ‘customer’ data

marketers- March 8, 2019

The martech industry seems to be constantly on the hunt for the next big thing, and understandably so. In an industry where we said goodbye ... Read More

Embracing automation and maximizing SEO performance

marketers- March 6, 2019

Creating an automation strategy should be top of mind in 2019 – indeed, it was identified by 61 percent of marketers as the top priority ... Read More

Confirm the integrity of your data

marketers- March 5, 2019

Never before has there been a greater need for a reliable, holistic marketing measurement tool. In a world of fractured media and consumer interest, intense ... Read More

4 simple ways small businesses can use data to build better customer relationships

marketers- March 1, 2019

In a world where customers are bombarded across every possible channel with brand messages, targeting is more important than ever before. Small businesses need to ... Read More

Is attribution dead? The answer is yes and no

marketers- February 27, 2019

Attribution is an analytical method that takes a lot of user-level data and tries to measure the impact of specific tactics on a positive outcome, ... Read More

Unlocking metrics that matter – Marketing Land

marketers- February 26, 2019

The defining feature of digital marketing is the ability to measure just about anything. That’s a wonderful development, but it can also be a double-edged ... Read More

Marketers, campaign success depends on actually identifying your goals

marketers- February 20, 2019

Digital marketing is more accountable than ever, but results only matter if they map back to a specific goal. That may seem obvious, but the ... Read More

Personalizing customer experiences at scale

marketers- February 19, 2019

Personalization has become integral to the customer journey and is now a key driver of brand loyalty across all channels. Consumers are much more likely ... Read More