Pinterest’s new head of engineering brings deep e-commerce experience

marketers- March 21, 2019

Pinterest has recruited Walmart’s former CTO Jeremy King as its new head of engineering. King will lead the team responsible for building Pinterest’s visual search ... Read More

What marketers can do next time a major social network (ahem, Facebook) goes down

marketers- March 21, 2019

Last week, Facebook suffered the longest outage of its 15-year existence. Not only was it down for more than four hours in some areas, but ... Read More

Report: Facebook the top network for app-installs, Google, Apple follow

marketers- March 20, 2019

The top sites and networks for mobile app installs are, in order, Facebook, Google, Apple (Search Ads), Snap and Twitter. This changes somewhat by app ... Read More

LinkedIn adds lookalike targeting, Bing tie-in and B2B templates to ad platform

marketers- March 20, 2019

LinkedIn advertisers are getting three new updates: a lookalike audiences targeting feature, interest targeting that leverages Bing search data, and more than 20 B2B audience ... Read More

How To Create A WordPress Staging Site For Testing

marketers- March 20, 2019

Managing a WordPress blog is fun yet easy. However, this changes when you start attracting high traffic and downtime is something you can’t afford anymore. ... Read More

Facebook removes age, gender and ZIP code targeting for housing, employment, credit ads

marketers- March 19, 2019

Facebook advertisers promoting housing, employment or credit offers will no longer be able to target ads by age, gender or ZIP code. The new ad ... Read More

Instagram debuts in-app checkout for e-commerce brands

marketers- March 19, 2019

Instagram is rolling out an in-app checkout feature for a limited number of brands, making it possible for users to purchase products without leaving the ... Read More

Think global but send hyperlocal email communications

marketers- March 18, 2019

Brands around the globe face a common challenge: scaling their communication and providing enough engaging content to keep customers coming back. The bigger the brand ... Read More

Back to Basics: How every marketer can tame the analytics beast

marketers- March 15, 2019

For most marketers, analytics exists in a magic Pandora’s box, encompassing everything from CPCs to CTRs, from algorithms to artificial intelligence, from machine learning to ... Read More

Big changes at Facebook: Chief product officer Chris Cox, WhatsApp VP Chris Daniels leave company

marketers- March 14, 2019

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on Thursday that the company’s chief product officer Chris Cox is leaving. Also leaving is WhatsApp VP Chris Daniels. With ... Read More