A Facebook voting assistant can have a buy-in from marketers – but will users want it?

marketers- April 18, 2019

Rumor has it that Facebook is working on a voice assistant similar to Amazon's Alexa and Google's # Siri, CNBC reports. Two former Facebook employees ... Read More

AdStage launches the Google Spreadsheets plug-in for campaign data across different channels

marketers- April 18, 2019

AdStage, a cross-channel campaign analysis and optimization platform, now has access to the add-on game with a new data connector for Google Spreadsheets.What is it? ... Read More

Why Netflix may have to introduce advertisements and how TV becomes a programmatic medium

marketers- April 18, 2019

Netflix exceeded expectations on Wednesday with its quarterly results report. Investors, however, were disappointed by the company's weak price for next quarter.Netflix revenues were $ ... Read More

Build and scale global SEO Centers of Excellence

marketers- April 17, 2019

More widespread internet acceptance and mobile worldwide use open lucrative new markets in Latin America, China and the rest of Asia Pacific and more. Global ... Read More

Facebook gives Ads Manager a design update and introduces a new cost cap bidding strategy

marketers- April 16, 2019

Facebook announced Tuesday that it is renewing its Ads Manager interface to improve navigation and provide a cleaner design that advertisers can use to manage ... Read More

9 smart ways to speed up WordPress and extend loading time

marketers- April 16, 2019

Do you want to reduce the loading time of your WordPress website?Well, I share nine smart tricks that you could use now to speed up ... Read More

Create a sitemap in WordPress (XML and HTML)

marketers- April 16, 2019

You create a lot of great content on your WordPress site, but that content is only valuable if people and search engines can actually find ... Read More

More people will turn to their mobile device in 2019 instead of TV for entertainment

marketers- April 15, 2019

Most marketers know that the pace at which people consume media through their mobile devices shows no signs of slowing down, but the speed with ... Read More

Content alone will not win the streaming war. This is why

marketers- April 12, 2019

Netflix announces its profits of Q1 & # 39; 19 on Tuesday, when we know for sure whether the increase in the subscription price was ... Read More

Supermetrics for BigQuery launches on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

marketers- April 11, 2019

Supermetrics for BigQuery enables marketers to bring together cross-channel marketing metrics in one platform.Supermetrics has launched a connector for BigQuery, promising a “plug-and-play” solution for ... Read More