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Who Is Systematic Direct Marketing?

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Systematic Direct Marketing (SDM) is a divison of IntelliNova, a company formed in 1999 to assist clients with effective, high ROI data-driven marketing techniques and systems.

IntelliNova uses a range of direct response and database marketing techniques to rapidly develop customer centric views of their business data - aimed at assisting clients to harvest the maximum value from their business data in a systematic and sustainable way.

Jeff Walters - Managing Director

Jeff holds both a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

For the past 20 years, Jeff’s interest has been the making the most effective use of a business’s information assets.

He is currently involved in designing and delivering systematic and measurable direct response strategies and systems for several clients. This typically involves some or all of the following processes - delivered in a scaleable, learning process:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Customer data-mart design and development
  • Development and processing of industry-specific customer analytics
  • Customer retention and campaign management
  • Referral marketing

His business roles have spanned several areas:

  • Information systems analyst and planner
  • Marketing strategy consultant
  • Business unit manager in a major bank - designing and delivering an Activity Based Costing process for the bank
  • Project leader of a Customer Information project - providing analytical support for a multitude of direct marketing projects - Behavioural Analysis, Churn Analysis, Retention Management, Campaign Analysis/Management, and Data Mining.
  • Business owner of IntelliNova.
  • Director of Mabili Financial Solutions - a company focussed on delivering corporate financial solutions. Jeff’s role is to coordinate the product development of ValueDriver - a modelling product that takes the the complexity out of financial modelling, and enables companies to plot their financial future with confidence.



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Who is Systematic Direct Marketing?